Ben Jackel: Discarded Masks

L.A. Louver is pleased to present a special new series of work by Los Angeles sculptor, Ben Jackel. Responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Jackel has created a series of 15 face masks, each individually sculpted from porcelain.

50% of the proceeds will be donated by the artist in partnership with L.A. Louver, to the COVID-19 LA County Response Fund.

"There are no words to fully describe the time we are living in today. Since we starting wearing face masks in March we have seen a global catastrophe become our daily lives. The loss of life is truly staggering. The economic wellbeing of our society has been profoundly weakened. Everything has changed.

Donning a mask has become a routine part of our existence — truly the symbol of this pandemic. The masks have been politicized, as many have grappled with the desire for one’s personal expression of freedom over the desperate needs of public health. We all have strong opinions about wearing a face mask today.

In time this will pass, and the virus will have been stopped. A day will come when we will no longer need to cover our faces around our dearest loved ones. I have created this series of porcelain discarded masks so that when we are finished wearing our cloth masks there will be a permanent reminder of the loss and suffering that occurred during this time. Those who have perished will not be forgotten."

— Ben Jackel