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Ben Jackel
Ben Jackel

Ben Jackel


Features ceramic, wood and bronze sculptures from 2002-2017, videos of the artist and descriptions of the works.

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“[Ben Jackel] is chipping away at a block of Douglas fir to form an enormous replica of the head of a pole-mounted weapon called a halberd... There’s a romance to the scene that would seem to hail from a different era: the young, striking lone wolf of a sculptor, wrestling his material into submission to produce work that reflects mankind’s tireless propensity for war.” 


“A good builder and a good artist have a lot in common; they both construct items that exhibit an economy of means. These similarities explain the appearance of Jackel’s work... While his pieces replicate existing structures, the translation from metal to clay changes the nature and meaning of those objects... To Jackel, craft and imagery is a single element...”


In 2009, I began a series of sculptures based on the proliferation of new Unmanned Ariel Vehicles or UAVs. In addition to their global/political implications, these vehicles are strikingly beautiful. To emphasize their graceful form, line and volume, I have pain- stakingly hand carved these planes out of solid mahogany. The surface is refined until it is absolutely defect-free, then polished with graphite powder. This finish both adds a mysterious quality
to the wood and implies the dark mission given to these drones.

My most recent drone is titled Phantom Works. This model, the X-45, was constructed as a next-generation concept demonstrator. The radical, unconventional design allowed for advanced stealth capabilities and a better understanding of the cutting- edge control surfaces. It was these unique qualities that drew me to its design, the odd, straight-edge profile contrasting with the smooth, flowing lines of its horizontal surfaces.

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