Kienholz: Berlin | Hope

Kienholz: Berlin | Hope

Introduction by Peter Goulds
Text by David Anfam, Tom Preiss, Rich Post, and Nancy Reddin Kienholz
Color illustrations, 52 pages

The 1970s were an important decade for Kienholz. They established the international recognition of Ed Kienholz as one of the most innovative and pioneering American artists to have emerged during the post-war years. The decade commences with the completion of the tableau Five Car Stud, 1969 - 72, possibly Ed's opus as a solo artist. Ed leaves Los Angeles with his new wife and their developing family. The decade ends with the making of Sollie 17, 1979-80, and Ed's declaration that all work by Kienholz, from 1972 onwards, should be considered collaborative and co-authored with Nancy Reddin Kienholz. For more information on Ed and Nancy Kienholz, please view the Kienholz artist page.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition
Kienholz: Berlin / Hope
13 March - 16 April 2014

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Front cover: detail of Der Ofenschirm/The Fire Screen, 1975

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